Jerry Fuller

Songwriter / Producer / Artist



For over five decades, Jerry Fuller has created music, lyrics and feelings that people from all walks of life can identify with. His songs have garnered over 20 BMI Million-Air awards for U.S. radio airplay. So at any given time, it is safe to say that a Jerry Fuller song is currently being played somewhere on the radio, TV, or internet. And of the multitude of listeners, the most constant response from Jerry's fans is:
"Thank you for writing our song!"

Young Girl -- Worldwide, one of radio's most played songs...ever, Travelin' Man, Show And Tell, Lady Willpower....Time-enduring classics that have survived decades of new musical eras, fads, crazes, and ever-changing sound reproduction and broadcast media. These songs, along with It's Up To You, Young World, Over You, A Wonder Like You, Way Back, and over a thousand more songs of various styles, came from the mind, heart, and pen of legendary songwriter, Jerry Fuller.