Jerry Fuller

Chronology (Artist)

1957 - Present

Titles In Red are National Chart Records
I Found A New Love YouTube 1957 Lin Jerry and Fans
Teenage Love YouTube 1958 Lin
Every Moment In The Day 1959 Hi Tone
Betty My Angel YouTube 1959 Challenge
Tennessee Waltz YouTube 1959 Challenge
I Dreamed About My Lover YouTube 1960 Challenge
Two Loves Have I 1960 Challenge
Anna From Louisiana YouTube 1961 Challenge
Guilty Of Loving You YouTube 1961 Challenge
First Love Never Dies YouTube 1961 Challenge Jerry and Champs
A Wonder Like You YouTube 1961 Challenge
Moon River 1961 Challenge
The Place Where I Cry YouTube 1961 Challenge
Shy Away 1961 Challenge
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty YouTube 1962 Challenge
Trust Me YouTube 1962 Challenge
Let Me Be With You YouTube 1962 Challenge
Dear Teresa YouTube 1962 Challenge
I Only Came To Dance With You YouTube 1963 Challenge
Pretty As A Picture 1963 Challenge
Hollywood Star 1964 Challenge Jerry on Stage
Footprints In The Snow YouTube 1964 Challenge
Don't Let Go 1964 Challenge
The Killer YouTube 1964 Challenge
I Get Carried Away YouTube 1964 Challenge
The Master Plan YouTube 1965 Challenge
Double Life YouTube 1966 Challenge
Turn To Me YouTube 1966 Challenge
I Know We Can Make It 1970 Colombia
Could It Be 1970 Colombia
If I Had A Mind To 1970 Colombia
Go 1970 Colombia
Bookends 1972 Bell Jerry's Posse
Lazy Susan 1973 Bell
How Do We Stand 1973 Bell
Don't Take Away The Music 1973 Bell
Junk 1973 Bell
Piano 1973 Bell
Sunshower 1973 Bell
Lonely Weekends 1973 Bell Jerry at Sahara
Arianne 1973 Bell
A Stone's Throw 1973 Bell
Lines 1979 MCA
Salt On The Wound 1979 MCA
Don't Tell Me 1979 MCA
Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do 1979 MCA
I Don't Know What I'll Do Without You 1979 MCA
Time And Again 1979 MCA
No Time 1979 MCA
I'd Do It Over Again 1986 Polydor Four Decades
Young Girl 2000 MPI
Over You 2000 MPI
Show And Tell 2000 MPI
Touch And Go 2000 MPI
That's All She Wrote 2000 MPI
Lines 2000 MPI
Feet 2000 MPI
Toe To Toe 2000 MPI
I Still Long To Hold You (Now And Then) 2000 MPI Jerry Today
A Woman's Touch 2000 MPI
But She Loves Me 2000 MPI
Station Wagon Shirley 2000 MPI
Way Back 2000 MPI
Eye Of A Hurricane 2000 MPI
That's One To Grow On 2000 MPI
Trouble On The Line 2000 MPI
'Scuse Moi, My Heart 2000 MPI
Old Time Song 2000 MPI
Black-Eyed Susan 2000 MPI
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